​​​​​​​Welcome to Willoughby's on the River



    Willoughby's on the River is one of the most beautiful spots on the sparkling North Yuba River. 




                                                                                                                In the family since 1959, Willoughby's overlooks a splendid  naturally-formed 

                                                                                                                swimming hole and fishing spot.  The Willoughby family was originally  

                                                                                                                drawn to western Sierra County for the summer camping opportunities in the                                                                                                                 Tahoe National Forest.  Soon they  started looking for a place to get away

                                                                                                                 year round.  The search ended with their purchase of the original

                                                                                                                Willoughby house (built in 1940, expanded in 1970).    




     In 2002, their daughter, Dallas Porter-Stowe, inherited the property and opened

     Willoughby's to the public. She happily reports,

    “It's been a joy to share this wonderful spot with others."

    Many people familiar with the property and  who knew my folks  still rent

     Willoughby's for a summer family retreat with more than one  wedding performed

      on Willoughby's beach. 

   Only a 5 minute walk from downtown Downieville,

     Willoughby's still  manages to feel secluded, just beyond the maintained road

      and around the corner from a natural bedrock outcropping.

      Willoughby's is a perfect location to reconnect with nature and with one another.  

      It offers limitless possibilities to nature seekers, birdwatchers,  swimmers, sightseers,  hikers, fishermen, gold seekers, painters, mountain bikers, 

       photographers, rock climbers, rafters, and just plain "kick-backers." 


    We'd love to have you visit soon to see all that Willoughby's and the  Western Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer. 

       Memories wait for you around every corner.

Willoughby's on the River Vacation Rental.

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